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. >>> if a clash over cash on capitol hill. president obama address the nation defending his budget decision. earlier, he was met with heavy criticism. we are live in the newsroom with more on the looming budget battle. >> maureen, we have heard the president under the phrase that we need to look at the budget carefully with a scalpel and not a machete. they think he is barely making any decision and needs to be much more aggressive. the president says he's taking away from programs that he cares deeply about. trying to reel in the national debt that looms so large if you stack it for $1 bills, you could reach the moon four times. the president says it is time to be responsible. >> we will not be running up the credit card anymore. that is important. it is hard to do. it is necessary to do. >> the goal is by the end of the decade to make sure did not spend more than we take in. that means despite the $3.70 trillion budget, some serious cuts. even some democrats are against like millions of from financial aid for colleges and helping the poor hate to pay for their heating bills. >> this is a
>>> present -- president obama tried to mend fences with big business today. >> the president of the chamber has long been at odds, but he urges executives to put the past behind them to work with them in the future. >> this is one of those rare occasions where a president shows up to speak and get a chilly reception. business leaders are not pleased with the white house. today, president obama about to change that. >> the team now fighting to fix our economy walk into someone's enemy territory today, the chamber of commerce. >> i am going to make up for it. >> it was a skeptical and subdued crowd, clapping only twice. >> we will run the government a little bit more like you run your business. better technology and faster service. >> among other changes, the president vowed to ramp up spending on education and infrastructure. he also said he will reform the corporate tax code. it will take more to get these 200 leaders on his side. many are still fiercely opposed to his reforms to wall street and health care. >> the devil is in the details. >> mr. obama is working for an irs l
. he was not arrested, but he is expected to turn himself in. in other news, president obama is renewing demands for political change in egypt. the president spoke about the crisis on this day of departure. >> it is called a day of departure because it is the day that egyptians wanted to say farewell to president mubarak. convince him to leave office. that did not happen today. president obama answered questions for the first time about the crisis. he has twice told mubarak that it is time to step down. all across egypt, no longer just cairo, calls for resignation. for the most part, a peaceful. many put down their roxanne locked arms instead. >> believe now, not tomorrow. if you really love this country. >> please leave this country. >> the white house is reportedly pushing options for a transition of power, but having little luck. president obama today offered this advice. >> the only thing that will work is moving an orderly transition process that begins right now. >> another concern is that the problem -- breaking point. basic necessities were running sen. -- thin. while
this week and hope to find their choice to replace president obama. >> making barack obama a one- term president. >> texas congressman ron paul won the straw poll contest with 36% of the vote. the political action conference was more about picking a candidate. they want the republican party to act boldly restoring -- solving america's problems. >> we need to restore america's hope for the future. off attea party showed the congress come just as they did it on capitol hill on budget cuts, another sign that conservatives are increasingly getting what they want. >> this is a reaction from the country, and they said we want somebody in there to stop this. >> who will lead the gop effort next year to defeat president obama? sarah palin and mike huckabee skipped cpac this year. the republican has officially launch date 2012 campaign -- no republican has officially launched a 2012 campaign. >>> wait until you see the extended outlook, especially the end of the week. the wind has settled down, that is the good news. the wind has diminished greatly. the temperature outside at the airport, 41 de
the white house should reconsider imposing those sanctions that were lifted by president bush. the obama administration has been very careful not to criticize him personally or demand that he step down. >> the crisis in libya is being closely watched here in washington. protesters were outside the white house. they want the white house to exert more pressure on gaddafi. >>> the market's tumble today. libya is one of the world's largest oil producers. earlier today, oil was trading at a two-year high. that sent stocks spiraling. the dow jones industrial average fell 178 points. that is the largest one-day drop for the dow this year. we will continue to monitor the latest developments in at libya. >>> the american rescue team is on its way to new zealand to help search for survivors after two -- after an earthquake. more than 300 people are missing. the earthquake destroyed several tall buildings in christ the church, is a lunch break this is the -- christchurch, new zealand. >>> four americans were killed by somali pirates. according to the navy, they heard gunfire and after in a sealed b
are responding to president obama's brand new spending plan. >> the white house promises the cuts will be painful. >> this year's budget deficit is $1.60 trillion, a record. the president's plan reduces that by $1 trillion. the republicans say that it is not nearly enough. for d.c. residents, the cuts in home heating assistance to worry her. >> my heating bill is sometimes $600. >> studying international relationship -- relations at gw, at it is the cuts in the pal college grants. >> i think that would be one of the worst things that the president could do. >> a retired human resources manager in southeast, it is a $300 million, and community block grants that hurt the most. they need these things. >> at the same time, the president's budget would increase spending on research and development, transportation and education, giving some republicans and democrats saying that the budget does not go far enough. >> we are so far in debt, he needs to make significant cuts. >> this is not serious and it is irresponsible. >> neither carter -- neither party has plans to tackle the defense, social security,
. >> president obama is urging negotiations to continue on the stopgap funding measure that includes $4 billion in cuts. >> we cannot allow. look to prevail. >> owner norton has proposed a bill to keep the district and its budget operating even if the feds closed shop. >> the district is not treated well. >> maria sheets helps cooler heads will prevail. >> stop fighting. it is our side. it is our country. >> the $4 billion in cuts will keep the government running for another team of weeks. we're hearing more that the shutdown will not happen. the first debate with the gop comes on tuesday. live from capitol hill, richard reeve. >>> we turn to the oscars. the 83rd annual academy awards ceremony will get underway in just over 24 hours. people behind the scenes are working hard for tomorrow's big show. how are you? >> we are out here on hollywood boulevard near the walk of the stars. we are on the walk of the stars. >> tourists are coming in from all over the world to be a part of the oscar excitement. >> we have a local connection to the oscars this year. a two-time oscar winner lives and works a
ban, one michelle obama will not let her daughter's use these social networking site. daughter's use these social networking site. >> and monster storm in the >>> and fbi agent is under investigation for a crash that killed a teenager. he was speeding and drinking when he hit and killed a teenager monday night. the boy was driving home from playing basketball when the agent hit his vehicle head-on. police have not name the agent because he has not been charged. >>> virginia is the first -- virginias first african- american chief justice has died. he began serving on the court in 1989 and stopped serving last month. he was in norfolk native -- a norfolk native. he was 55-years old. >>> first lady michelle obama revealed his daughters are not using facebook. she explained she is not a fan of children using facebook. however she said she might allow her first daughter is to join when they are older. >> still to come, major storm. nearly two dozen states are being affected by the latest weather system. >> we are expecting some light snow in our region. >> what a great night for college b
cuts to several domestic agencies. one provision boat -- bloc's money to fund president obama as health care law. they are under a tight deadline. it expires on march 4. president obama will also have to sign off on the funding bill, too. >>> eric holder will testify in a murder trial of a prominent d.c. attorney. he has been summoned by the defense team for the three men suspected in connection with the debt. they worked for the same law firm at the time he was found murdered in his home in 2006. they were called persons of interest in the case, but the trio was acquitted. no one has ever been charged in the murder. >>> brandon banks is out of the hospital after being stabbed. his agent says he was released from a virginia hospital this evening. a team to help his long hill has been removed. -- a tube to help his long the deal has been removed. >>> if frightening incident at a popular metro station today. what of the escalators collapsed during the morning commute. it happened at the foggy bottom metro stop. the collapse left a gaping hole in the escalator, but no passengers suffered i
and the will of the people will not be broken. >> it was not what the obama administration expected either. they say the world is watching as history unfolds. >> it is a glut of transformation taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. >> tonight, a bar remains president of egypt. as the clock strikes midnight, the crisis entered its 18th day with no end in sight. >> president obama reportedly watched the speech on air force one and will be with the national security team tonight. >>> abc 7 news will continue to monitor the latest from egypt. for complete coverage of the situation got a stay right here. >>> we are following a developing story from arizona. late today, the governor announced plans to file a countersuit against the federal government for failure to enforce immigration laws. last april, she signed a law requiring police officers to check the immigration status of people stopped for questioning. the measure sparked controversy and today, the governor pledged to file a counterclaim, say the federal government has failed in its responsibility. >> also in arizona, rep
at the end of the month. >>> president obama is in san francisco to meet with a group of business leaders, including the founder of facebook and the ceo of google and possibly steve jobs from apple. he has recently been on medical leave from apple for undisclosed health reasons. the president made a trip to california to emphasize key themes from his state of the address, including american innovation and his commitment to investments in research and development. >>> today was a perfect taste of spring. the warm weather and sunshine brought relief to everybody. sidewalk cafes at customers and people strolled outside of their lunch breaks for some. washingtonians hope to see more days like this soon. it's expected to be nicer tomorrow. for preview, we go to our chief meteorologist in the weather center. >> it doesn't look like it will be warmer tomorrow. let me show you the maps of the high temperatures we have seen today. 70 at reagan national. wide spread four or five degrees added to this total is tomorrow. we're starting to drop after sunset but still in the '60s. 64 in manassas. overn
exporter in the world. >>> a policy reversal from the obama administration with the justice department saying it will belong defend the constitutionality of the defense of marriage act, the federal law banning the recognition of same- sex marriage. but that does not mean the end of the debate. >> members of congress want to proceed and defend the lot in these cases, the administration will do everything it can to assist congress if it so wishes. we recognize and respect there are other points of view. >> the attorney general says president obama believes that the act violates the constitution's equal protection clause. in the past, the president has says his beliefs on gay marriage are evolving and he is leading towards civil unions. >>> a step forward today for the same-sex marriage bill in maryland. the state senate voted in favor of the measure. two changes were made to the measure -- the name was changed to the civil marriage protection act and it was amended so religious organizations would not be required to provide insurance to same-sex partners of employees. >>> a new report on
and president obama told him it is time for a transition. mubarak will call for new elections but will not step down immediately. hospitals are overwhelmed. more than 400 injured and one demonstrator dead. these were the beatings today. after nine days of peaceful demonstrations. protesters had patted down anyone entering liberation square, but today that order erupted. the army moved in on horseback and camel pleading the crowd to break up the movement. several stopping one man here. camera crews and reporters are also under attack. cameras and americans are no longer welcome in cairo. the military found their own tanks under attack. many say they are ready to die for the cause. this man said he broke his will. >> i wrote my will yesterday. >> president obama huddled with his national security team. the state department warning the egyptian leader against violence, but it is a matter that will be decided by egyptians. >> it is clear the egyptian people need to see progress immediately. >> through the night they have been updating. now we have three listed as dead. after criticism, leaders in e
to turn out is that swiss officials have frozen gaddafi's financial assets. president obama is putting in calls to british and french leaders to discuss how to end the violence. >> the unrest in libya is sending oil prices to an all- time high. prices shot up 20% today, hitting the highest mark in two years. analysts estimate prices could go above $200 a barrel. regular gas in the d.c. area jumped by 2 cents overnight. there is concern gas prices could hit $5 a gallon by the summer. >>> we are following a developing story from the pentagon. bowling will be awarded one of the biggest air force contracts in military history. the $35 billion contract will allow them to build airborne refueling tankers. the company defeated the european aeronautics and space co.. the contract is expected to bring as many as 50,000 jobs to washington state and other states. >>> new information tonight about the man accused of plotting an attack on the home of former president george of the bush. he is charged with the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. officials say he is a chemical engineering
. >> abc news spoke to mark today. he says he told president obama you do not understand the egyptian culture and what would happen if i step down now. added chaos, he said, including a fear of a takeover by the muslim brotherhood. though the thousands in the street would contend it is already chaos. a mosque close to the main square is now being used as a hospital and the wounded are pouring in. >> we heard the white house say the next 24 hours could get very ugly. much of the concern is what could come to a head tomorrow after the friday prayers led out with emotions running very high. >> we will continue to monitor all the latest developments from egypt. for complete coverage, keep it right here on abc 7. >>> as people from the northeast and midwest continue to recover from the storm, the slick conditions led to a deadly accident in oklahoma. a news chopper was over the scene after the accident. and as you the skidded off a bridge into a frozen river. five people were rescued and three died. several divers and rescuers were treated for hypothermia. >>> chicago is recovering from th
tea party republicans, president obama, and the pentagon. >>> cbs journalist lara logan, has been released from hospital after being violently attacked in egypt. she was in cairo last friday during the celebration of president hosni mubarak's resignation. their chief foreign correspondent was beaten and sexually assaulted after being separated from her crew. experts say women journalists are prime targets and must remain cautious. >> women are engaging in covering situations that pose, that are not safe, but they feel they must do because it is important the world know about this. >> she was saved by a group of egyptian women and soldiers. she is recovering at her washington-area home and cbs says she is in remarkable spirit. >>> an ongoing police investigation could be the motive for a murder. he was shot by his neighbor and friend in broad daylight at an intersection in white plains, md., yesterday evening. police say he shot the man and then shot himself. both men were under investigation for a case involving auto theft. >>> prince william county is considering drastic legal ac
conference. mitt romney opened up the conference taking aim at president obama. >> his center for americans out of work was more government spending. a $50 billion high-speed rail package. he replaced his chicago politicians chief of staff with a fresh face, up from chicago. make no mistake here, folks, what we're watching is not brave new world. we're watching groundhog day. [laughter] also speaking today was south dakota senator, texas congressman ron paul. 50 names on the ballot. we will have results tomorrow night. >>> this was the last day on the job for robert gibbs. after two years, he is moving on to work as a political analyst and an advisor to the reelection campaign. the president presented gibbs with a unique departing guest. he borrow the title in 2004 to wear during his address before the democratic national convention. he will be replaced by the communications director. >>> still to come, otters for a hero. he died during world war ii. >> important legal developments. a key decision by a judge. >> the redskin player in court. accused of a nightclub fight with a woman. fred da
billion from hundreds of domestic programs and block money to implement president obama's health-care law. democrats promised to restore some of the spending cuts and defend the health care law. >>> the battle in wisconsin is growing over a budget bill that would strip unions of their collective bargaining rights. opponents of the budget cutting or not the only ones protesting. supporters also turned out. a dozen democratic state senators left the state to avoid giving republicans a quorum needed to consider the plan. right here on abc 7 news, needed to consider the plan. right here on abc 7 news, private hijack a yacht >>> welcome back, everybody. four americans remain in the hands of somali and pilots. they were handing out bibles when pirates ceased their yacht. two other americans are believed to be with them. a new york court sentenced a pirate to 34 years of prison for seizing an american freighter in 2009. >>> a court-appointed trustee has sued a former player for the unit -- the new york mets. he is not accused of any wrongdoing. similar suits have been filed against other bernie
and demand responsibility. >> meanwhile, in egypt, the violence has subsided, but not the anger. the obama administration continues to pressure president mubarak to resign before september. in a sign of progress, the leadership of the ruling party has resigned, including his son, ensuring that he cannot succeed his father as president. it but these protesters say that is not enough. >> people continue to be tortured and raped and die and the oppressed. >> some of the protesters traveled from michigan and ohio to participate. they're calling on the u.s. administration to provide relief to the demonstrators in cairo, including food and medical supplies. they also vowed to stay here and protest as a sign of support as long as they are protesting in cairo. >> we will continue to monitor all the latest developments from egypt. for complete coverage of the situation, keep it right here on abc 7. >>> a developing story concerning a matter station closer. the wheaton metro station has been shut down because none of the escalators or elevators are working. red line trains are skipping the station,
and they always come through for us. >> congressional leaders are at an impasse. president obama told the nation's governors. merck compromise. >> as we make the decisions about our budget going forward, i believe everyone should be at the table and the concept of shared sacrifice should prevail. >> a two-week short-term spending agreement is in the works. >> is that the end of the story? probably not. >> tomorrow, the house will be back in session and immediately begin debating the temporary two-week funding proposal. that is that a proposal to fund the government for the rest of the year. right now, both republicans and democrats say the other side is asking too much when it comes to compromise. reporting live from the capital, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >>> we are following a developing story from the naval academy in annapolis. they are investigating midshipmen for using a synthetic marijuana. eight midshipmen have been expelled and several more are being investigated. the herbal substance is legal but they are no longer allowed to sell in stores because of health concerns. it is considered
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